Flutter Web App - Frameviewer

Flutter Web App - Frameviewer


What’s going on here?

After game development I have a bit of an urge to really go into coding. Something that I can build logic with, but also, so it’s something that I can build as an app. I like user interfaces too, soo… I am learning Flutter! Furthermore, I was missing a tool to view CSV benchmark data for (Frameview software from nVidia)[https://www.nvidia.com/cs-cz/geforce/technologies/frameview/]. So I built one.


What I wanted to learn:

  • Loading CSV Data to a Web App. This was quite difficult because all the guides are usually for mobile apps. Most packages don’t work on web.

  • Parsing CSV Data, and getting all the values nice and clean, so it can be presented.

  • Making data ready to be displayed as a chart.

  • How to host app on Firebase.

What is next?

  • Application States!

Wish me luck!